(Fort Myers, FL) – Chief Derrick Diggs presented the November Officer of the Month awards at the FMPD Citistat meeting on Thursday December 20, 2018 to officers and a civilian for exemplary work and service in the line of duty.

The Mission Barbeque Officers of the Month Award went to Officers William Schettino and Harrison Williams for their part in capturing a felon and confiscating guns and drugs. Pictured here with Chief Derrick Diggs and Mission BBQ representative Michelle Paladino.

The FMPD Civilian of the Month Award was presented to Community Service Aide Dennis O’Mahoney for responding to a person in distress and administering CPR.  Chief Diggs is pictured presenting the award to O’Mahoney.

Officers Beau Reed, Robert Kerbs and Kady Ennis were recognized with FMPD Officer of the Month Awards for their sound police work in apprehending a wanted individual who had committed several crimes against the citizens of our city.  Chief Diggs is shown presenting the awards to Officers Ennis and Kerbs.

In addition, Officer Megan Pate was awarded the East Fort Myers Rotary Club Officer of the Month Award for her involvement in the student and police engagement program.

J. Mitchell Haley

Public Information Officer

Fort Myers Police Department

2210 Widman Way Fort Myers, FL  33901