Gift CardsOn December 16, 2015 City of Fort Myers resident Jim Farwell and Tijuana Flats General Manager Franklin Wagner presented the Fort Myers Police Department with 165 restaurant gift cards as a benevolent gesture for excellent service. Jim and his wife Carol moved to the City of Fort Myers this summer and wanted to show their appreciation toward FMPD with a small thank you for protecting and serving their community.

Farwell, who is a loyal Tijuana Flats customer at the 8001 Dani Drive location, shared his vision with Wagner to donate 100, five-dollar gift cards to the FMPD officers. When Wagner found out there were 165 officers in total he supplemented the donation with the additional 65 gift cards on behalf of Tijuana Flats. “Our police officers are in need. They are in need of our consistent thanks, compassion, understanding and respect,” said Farwell.

FMPD officials met with Farwell and Wagner at the Dani Drive store yesterday afternoon to receive the 165 gift cards. “These acts of kindness resonate throughout our police department and remind us of just how appreciated we are,” said FMPD Operations Captain Jim Mulligan. FMPD will disperse the gift cards to officers in the next week.

*Contact information for Jim Farwell is available upon request

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