Sgt Thompson & Sgt Olson

Sgt Thompson & Sgt Olson

The Fort Myers Police Department is pleased to announce Sergeant Glenn Thompson and Sergeant Aaron Olson as graduates of the 32nd Florida Leadership Academy. Sergeant Thompson and Sergeant Olson were among 30 other first-line supervisors across the state who attended the program and graduated this past Friday.

The Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute announces the graduation today of 32 first-line supervisors from the Florida Leadership Academy. The graduates represent criminal justice agencies from across the state and serve in leadership roles within their agency.

Seminar participants met for four weeks at the Ocala Police Department in Ocala, FL. Graduates learned skills necessary to support the needs of their agencies and the communities as they prepare for future challenges.

The goal of the Florida Leadership Academy is to prepare first-line supervisors in criminal justice organizations to exemplify the character and integrity expected of criminal justice professionals and to examine the various components necessary to being an efficient leader.

The Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute, established within the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and affiliated with the State University System, was established in 1990 by the Florida Legislature to address the need for an innovative and multi-faceted approach to the education and training of criminal justice professionals.

“Providing educational opportunities for our leadership is an important step that brings us closer to reaching organizational goals,” said Police Chief Douglas Baker.

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