Car-hopping is the act of walking down a street, usually at night, and casually checking every car on the street to see if it is unlocked. If a car is found unlocked the car hopper searches the car for valuables to steal. “Thieves can victimize a neighborhood in minutes and draw very little attention to themselves,” said police spokesperson Lieutenant Victor Medico. “If they have success they’ll be back,” Medico added.

ParkSmartThe Fort Myers Police Department is asking all residents to help us reduce crime by following “Park Smart.” Take your keys, secure your valuables and lock your vehicle. An overwhelming amount of vehicle thefts and vehicle burglaries are due to unsecured vehicles and owners leaving valuables in plain sight.
Theft from vehicles is one of the most easily prevented crimes. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to open an unlocked door and grab whatever is visible. Along with “Park Smart” residents may find the following procedures helpful while parking out in the community or at your residence:
· Get into a routine and make a conscious effort to lock your car doors
· Take all valuables with you or place them in your trunk
· Use bright, motion controlled lights in and around your property
· Install a security and/or camera system
· Do not leave your garage door opener inside the vehicle
Please do not hesitate to call the Fort Myers Police Department if you see anyone acting suspicious, looking into cars or trying door handles. Even if they are no longer in the area be a good witness and let us investigate further.
Lieutenant Victor Medico
Public Information Officer
Fort Myers Police Department
2210 Widman Way
Fort Myers, Florida 33901
(239) 321-7748