Fort Myers Police FoundationFort Myers, FL, January 22, 2015– The Fort Myers Police Foundation announces the purchase of ballistic shields to be used by patrol officers to protect themselves in various situations they encounter on the streets. Manufactured by Met-T, a company founded by a police officer, these shields will be provided to officers as another tool to help protect themselves and the community in dangerous situations.

A representative from Met-T will be at the Fort Myers Police Department on Monday, January 26 at 10:00 a.m. to provide a demonstration on the shield and its various capabilities. At that time the Fort Myers Police Department will also take delivery of the shields that were ordered that will be deployed out on the streets once officers have been trained on their use and applications.

The shields are manufactured to NIJ specifications to level II, which means it has the capability of stopping handgun rounds of high velocity from 9mm to .45 and .357. Weighing in at just over eight pounds and only an inch thick the shields are completely transparent so that the officers using the shield have no loss of field of vision.

“With all of the violence against law enforcement that has been taking place we felt it was important that we provide our officers with another tool that they can use to perform their job safer. Our mission has been and always will be to raise funds to purchase items to help City police officers that cannot be acquired within the constraints of the City’s budget. The Foundation’s goal is to help build a stronger bond between the police and the community.”
– Larry Romano, Foundation President

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