Please join local law enforcement officers Monday, January 12th anytime between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Fort Myers near the corner of Colonial Blvd. and Six Mile Cypress Pkwy. Officers are coming together to raise some money to help FMPD’s Scott Newbury and his family. Scott and Michelle’s daughter Abby is very sick and need money to help Abby. 10% of all sales on January 12th go to the Newbury’s as long as you mention “law enforcement fundraiser” to your waiter or waitress. Individual donations may be made to Sgt Sean Hoover as indicated in the flyer below. Thank you for your support.


“Often we say how much of a family we are in law enforcement and right now couldn’t be more true than ever. It seems that health issues strike close to home, all too often. Scott Newbury and his wife Michelle have four children, including six year old Abby. Abby has been fighting health issues ever since she was born. You see Abby has what doctors believe to be a very rare immune deficiency disorder that is beyond the capabilities of local doctors. Already Abby has been referred to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg. Eventually Abby will most likely have to take a special trip to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to see a specialist. Abby’s doctors have also referred her for special genetic testing in order to finally come up with a definitive diagnosis so that a treatment and maintenance plan can be established to help her get better. The special genetic testing that Abby needs is expensive, and the insurance company has already denied covering any portion of it.“ – FMPD Sgt. Sean Hoover