From September 29 through October 5, 2013, Officer Keith Bush and his partner K-9 Tomy attended the USPCA National Canine Field Trials and Competition in Clinton, Maryland. They were chosen by Region 1 (Florida, Georgia, and Alabama) due their stellar performance this past May in Sebring, Florida, where they claimed an assortment of top 10 awards. Their attendance was sponsored by the USPCA to represent Region 1 at no cost to the City.

Once again, Officer Bush and K-9 Tomy made the City of North Port proud, returning home with more trophies to add to their growing collection. Out of approximately 80 highly-trained law enforcement K-9 Teams from around the country, Officer Bush and K-9 Tomy placed as follows:

1st Place Regional Team Event
3rd Place overall in Searching
17th Place overall Top Dog

Please congratulate Officer Bush and K-9 Tomy for their outstanding work and accomplishments. The department also wishes to acknowledge K-9 Officer Shawn Rice for being K-9 Tomy’s decoy during the trial as well as all of the other NPPD K-9 handlers who assisted Keith and Tomy in training every week.

There is one remaining point of significance that must be addressed. The main objective of USPCA trials is to certify the K-9 teams so that they are able to serve their respective communities. We are proud to announce that all of our K-9 Teams have received their re-certifications this year. As our K-9 Teams continue to travel along the path of excellence, we encourage the great citizens of North Port to congratulate them on a job well done.

I have attached photographs of Officer Keith Bush and K-9 Tomy with their trophies.

Captain Anthony Sirianni
Administrative Bureau Commander
North Port Police Department
4980 City Hall Boulevard
North Port, Florida 34286