DTRTlogoThe following students were honored on Thursday September 5th at the first Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County presentation of the 2013-14 school year. 

Dalton Brown

The first nomination was for Dalton Brown. The person recommending Dalton Brown told us this story about why he is being nominated. Upon several occasions Dalton, has assisted not only myself but other staff and faculty members without being asked. He sees a need and then goes above and beyond to assist that individual with meeting the identified needs. One stand out situation is when I personally needed assistance and Dalton jumped up to help. It is as follows: I was attempting to push a full cart of school supplies through double doors into the school cafeteria. The cart was about to go over when Dalton jumped up from his activity and caught the door from hitting me; while I caught the cart from crashing over. Dalton, then proceeded to assist me with carefully pushing the cart to its destination; all the while holding doors and making sure the items on the cart were not going to spill over. He exemplifies these helpful characteristics throughout his daily routines on our campus.

Dalton is a fan of taekwondo and he loves to be out doors in nature hunting and fishing. He gets good grades in school and is a very hard worker.

Noel Morris

Our next recipient for the month of September is a Peace River Elementary School first grader by the name of Noel Morris. Noel is the son of Noel and Rafael Morris.

Noel’s teacher had this to say about this young man. I teach special ed. The other day, Noel found some money on the floor of the classroom and asked who it belonged to. It was returned to the child who lost it. This may not seem like much, but for my students it’s HUGE. Most would have put the money in their own pocket. I’m very proud of him! Thank you.

Noel is a fan of video games and playing outdoors. He is a very polite young man and just loves to be around his classmates.

Austin Desmond

Next is  Austin Desmond to our program this afternoon. Austin is the son of Austin and Courtney Desmond and he attends Charlotte High School where he is a senior.

Austin is one of those students who you are proud to know, as he is among the most honest members of society. Near the end of the last school year,  Austin found some money on the ground in front of Charlotte High School and without any hesitation turned it in to the front office. Many of his classmates would have looked at that opportunity as if they found some free money. Thankfully Austin has values which we would like to see in all students, and he turned the money in so the person who lost it could reclaim the money.

Austin has been in ROTC for the last three years and maintains an A/B average at Charlotte High. He loves motor cross and was actually racing competitively for a period of time. He also loves mechanics. Austin plans to enter the Army when he graduates.

Ximena Arias

Ximena Arias from the L.A. Ainger Middle School is our next winner for the 2013-2014 school year. Ximena is the daughter of Jeff and Rosario Alston and is in the 6th grade.

At the end of the last school year,  Keller-Williams Real Estate Agency gave away a Kindle or Nook electronic reader to one child in every classroom. My student, Ximena Arias, had her name selected from our class. Prior to the drawing she made the statement that if her name was drawn, she would give the Kindle to another student in our class who did not have one. Well, as chance would have it, Ximena’s name WAS drawn and she DID honor her promise and gave away a brand new Kindle to a student without one. To me, that’s doing the right thing and showing what kind of leader Ximena is.

When not in school, Ximena is active in her church, loves swimming, singing and working with others. She maintains all A’s in school, is in the honors chorus and the school safety patrol. She was also a member of Leadership Vineland last year in the elementary school.

Camryn Gingras

Now, it gives me great pleasure to announce our overall winner for the month of September 2013, Camryn Gingras. Camryn is a fifth grader at the East Elementary School. She is the daughter of Trena and Kevin Gingras.

Camryn approached her school authorities  and asked if she could set up a donation box. I asked Camryn what kind of donation box. She replied, “A box for kids with cancer.” She stated that she and her father drive by a pediatric cancer hospital on Fridays. She made the box and has set it up in the front office of the school and has collected money for the children. There was no prompting from her dad or myself, she did this all on her own. I am very proud of her! Camryn obviously has a sense of caring for others less fortunate and wants to help in any way she can. If only everyone had the same concern for fellow citizens what a better place this world would be.

Camryn is an A/B student in East Elementary and loves arts and crafts. In addition, she loves reading and fashions. She is also a member of the Warriors.

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