April 12, 2013

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 the Fort Myers Police Department’s “Do the Right Thing” program will honor six children for their good deeds. Awards will be presented to the following students at a ceremony in the City of Fort Myers Council Chambers at 3:00 p.m.:

Ronesha Brown is a fifth grader at Colonial Elementary School. Ronesha was nominated for putting the needs of a friend first, before her own needs. During a one mile school race, Ronesha saw that a friend was having difficulty breathing and fell. Ronesha was leading the race and she would have been in first place, but she stopped and stayed with her friend. Ronesha may have lost that race but she is truly a winner for her good moral character and values.

Dorian Cox is a Fourth grader at Allen Park Elementary. Dorian was nominated for a selfless act. Dorian celebrated her 10th birthday this year and in lieu of gifts she asked that friends attending her party make donations to help animals. Dorian did some research and contacted the local Humane Society to find out what they needed for the shelter. Dorian collected dog food and grooming supplies.

Kitty Mertz is a first grader at Edison Park Creative and Expressive Arts. Kitty was also nominated for her selfless birthday wish. Kitty celebrated her 7th birthday and in lieu of gifts she also asked for donations for the animal shelter. Friends who attended her party brought items that were later donated to animals in need.

Aliana Mixon is a second grader at Edison Park Creative and Expressive Arts. Aliana found a gold ring at school. There were no engravings on the ring and no way to identify the owner. Aliana took the ring to the school office hoping the ring would be returned to its owner. As it turns out, the ring belonged to a teacher who had become ill earlier in the day and had to be rushed to the hospital. The teacher did not realize that her wedding ring was missing until several hours later. The teacher was very grateful that Aliana was honest and did the right thing.

Stephanie Hooks is a second grader at Edison Park Creative and Expressive Arts. Stephanie was nominated for her honesty. Stephanie was outside playing during after-care when she found an antique cameo brooch and turned it in to a staff member. It was later learned that a fellow student had lost the brooch and was distraught over the loss as it was a gift from her great grandmother. The student and her family were grateful that such a treasured item was returned.

Loren Evers is a fourth grader at Allen Park Elementary. Loren was nominated for her hard work and empathy. Loren is a Girl Scout and this year while selling cookies she also collected donations to purchase cookies for senior citizens. Her goal was to purchase cookies for 150 senior citizens in need in our area. Loren was able to bring a little joy, love and cookies to seniors on Easter Sunday.

The purpose of the “Do the Right Thing” program is to reinforce positive actions among local youth. It is also designed to enhance relationships between local law enforcement members and school-aged children. The media is encouraged to attend this rewarding event.

Shelly Flynn
Public Information Officer