Chief Doug Baker is asking the community to come forward with any information regarding today’s homicide in Dunbar. With the first homicide just seven days into the new year, the Fort Myers Police Department needs your help now more than ever.

“It’s extremely frustrating when you have individuals who continue to plague our neighborhood, plague our community, and are violent in nature.”

Chief Doug Baker says the community needs to stop protecting the bad guys.

“They’re involved in drug distribution, drug sale, drug trafficking, that are in my opinion being protected by a certain percentage of the community.”

Mike Williams was one of the parents who got a call about the shooting and went to the school to pick up his child.

“Stop the killings, stop the killings, I just want to see it end,” said Williams.

Residents in the Dunbar neighborhood say they can’t believe a man was shot to death right outside of a church.

“I’ve got feelings. I’m a parent, I’m a grandparent. It’s terrible it would go right outside a church where this would happen.”

The Fort Myers Police Department said the shooting is not associated with the school and no kids were injured. The school will be closed tomorrow. Last year, Fort Myers saw it’s deadliest year with 24 murders. FMPD says 19 of them are still unsolved.

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