January 28, 2013

On Tuesday, January 29, 2013 the Fort Myers Police Department’s “Do the Right Thing” program will honor six children for their good deeds. Awards will be presented to the following students at a ceremony in the City of Fort Myers Council Chambers at 3:00 p.m.:

Delani Olson is a third grader at Orangewood Elementary. Delani was walking home from school with a classmate when a car pulled up and asked her friend if she wanted a ride home. Delani’s friend got into the car. Delani did not recognize the adult and did not know if her classmate knew the person. As soon as Delani arrived home she called her mother and told her what had happened. Delani’s Mom immediately called the school to inform them of the situation. The school called the student’s home and learned the driver was a neighbor and the classmate was safe at home. It is better to be safe than sorry and Delani did the right thing by reporting something that seemed suspicious.

Keyana Clark is a fifth grader at Colonial Elementary. Keyana participates in the after school program at Colonial Elementary, Girl Scouts and her Church Choir. This year Keyana has taken on a leadership role in the after school program. She has volunteered to read to the younger students and helps them take their AR tests. She also assists with the younger children when they need to go to the office, when they are sick or when they need help with homework. In class Keyana gets her work done on time and is always willing to help others understand concepts being taught. Keyana is a responsible young lady who goes above and beyond leading by example.

Ella Anderson is a fifth grader at Allen Park Elementary. Ella attends physical education with students that are hearing impaired. She wanted to be able to communicate with these students but did not know sign language. Ella became friends with her classmates and quickly learned how to sign so that they could communicate with each other. These new friends were eager to see Ella each day and were just as anxious to teach Ella the new language as she was to learning it.

Isabella Lancellotti is a fifth grader at Allen Park Elementary. Isabella saw that a fellow student was often made fun of and not accepted by her classmates. Isabella believed she could make a difference so she befriended the young girl. Isabella is a leader and well-liked by her peers, so the simple gesture of friendship towards the girl, made others step up to the plate and practice “acceptance”. With bullying being an unfortunate issue in our society, Isabella was nominated for her ability to recognize and change the behavior of others.

Mallory Marker is a fourth grader at Tanglewood Elementary. Mallory is a runner and this past October participated in the Annual Turkey Trot. During the event Mallory saw a child fall while running. Mallory, who was currently in first place, stopped and turned around to help the child up and make sure she wasn’t hurt. Mallory also volunteers in the functional skills classroom at school. She actively engages students the special needs students and takes the time to talk with them and give each of them hugs. Mallory was nominated for her kindness and for making a difference in the lives of others at her school.

Schneider Petit-Frere is a fourth grader at Colonial Elementary. Schneider goes above and beyond to help a visually impaired student on campus. He ensures that she is safe by making sure that she doesn’t veer off the sidewalk, that no students bump into her and he holds the door for her when he sees her entering the class room. Schneider also shows his compassion by complimenting others. Schneider was nominated for his kindness and compassion for others.

The purpose of the “Do the Right Thing” program is to reinforce positive actions among local youth. It is also designed to enhance relationships between local law enforcement members and school-aged children. The media is encouraged to attend this rewarding event.

Shelly Flynn
Public Information Officer