“PGPD Honors Five Students for Doing the Right Thing”

On Thursday, December 6, 2012 the Punta Gorda Police Department’s “Do the Right Thing” program will honor five children for their good deeds. Awards will be presented to the following students at a ceremony in the City ofPunta Gorda Council Chambersat 3:00 p.m

Congratulations to  L.A. Ainger 6th grader Crispin Main to our December 2012 DTRT program. Crispin is the son of Hesper and Thomas Main. 

 Crispin’s teacher writes the following in her nomination of this fine young man: Crispin be-friended a girl who has been a bully victim because she wears a hearing aid and has a scar on her chest from heart surgery. We had been doing a story in class learning about bullying so Crispin is also showing higher order thinking by taking what he had learned and applying it to a real life situation. Crispin’s character is a cut-above. 

Congratulations Crispin. We strongly support helping others and thank you for being such a kind young man. 

When not trying to help others, Crispin does very well academically in school. He is in the school band, likes to draw, read, watch movies and play video games. 

Our next DTRT recipient comes to us from the Punta Gorda Middle School where he is in grade 8. This student is Kristoph Oakley and he is the son of Sydonny Wynter. 

Kristoph’s teacher had this to say: Kristoph found a wallet laying on one of my desk chairs in my classroom. He immediately brought it up to me without hesitation and turned it in, so the rightful owner could be located. The wallet had Target gift cards,

a Dunkin Donut gift card, an American Express gift card and an undisclosed amount of cash, all of which were easily tempting to keep. However, Kristoph demonstrated a selfless act by turning it in and this is what prompted me to nominate him for the Do the Right Thing program. This young man needs to be commended for his honesty, quick thinking and self-less act so I could return

it to the rightful owner during the school hours.      

Kristoph thank you so much for being such an honest person and caring about others. Many people would have done just the opposite of what you did. We are very proud of you. Congratulations.

When not demonstrating his sense of honesty, Kristoph likes to play football, basketball and video games. He also loves to watch sports on TV. Kristoph gets good grades in school and is well respected by the staff as well as the students. 

Our next DTRT recipient for the month so December 2012 is Kellie Redmann. Kellie is the daughter of Kristine and John Redmann and she is in the 5th grade atVinelandElementary School. 

In the nomination, Kellie’s nominator had this to say: Not too long ago, Kellie had just arrived at school and was getting ready to start her job as a school monitor. In the distance, atL.A.AingerMiddle School, a 3rd grade boy was riding his bike on the path. Evidently he was riding very fast when his handlebars got caught in the chain-link fence causing him to topple over his bike. Other children were screaming and Kellie heard and saw the commotion. She took off running at full speed, across the bus loop of Vineland Elementary and half way across the L.A. Ainger field. She kept yelling to them that “I am coming”. She got the boy up and walking, and escorted him to the school nurse. Once she made sure he was in good hands, she calmly returned to her post, and finished her morning duty of monitoring children coming into the school. Her response was immediate and her concern showed great responsibility and care. She is a true asset to our school and the community. 

Kellie we too are very proud of your quick thinking and concern for others. Congratulations.

 In addition to being on the safety patrol, Kellie also participates in LeadershipVinelandShe is a straight A student and a 5K runner. Kellie assists her family in raising guide dogs for the South East guide dog association.

 December’s next nominee comes to us from Charlotte Vo Tech Center and he is Jason Bugeresta. Jason is the son of Laura and David Bugeresta. Jason is in the culinary arts program.

 Jason found a set of keys and $212 in the men’s restroom in the culinary Arts building. It would have been very easy for him to pocket the money and leave the keys as he found them. Instead Jason did what we would hope everyone would do, but unfortunately we know most wouldn’t. Jason student is a struggling young man who has overcome a lot.

Jason thank you for doing the right thing and making sure that the rightful owner got not just his keys back, but his $212 as well. Congratulations on doing the right thing.

Jason loves to run and ride his bicycle. While in the Academy, he often volunteered to assist the janitorial staff in keeping the school look presentable.

It is now our pleasure to introduce you to our overall winner for the month of December. Please welcome Shamar Harvey. Shamar is in thePort CharlotteMiddle Schooland is the son of Pauline Harvey.

Shamar was on his way to school not too long ago and came across an older gentleman on his walk. After Shamar passed the gentleman, he felt a little strange about the way he looked and walked back to the person. Shamar asked the gentleman is if was all right and the person immediately replied, “No, I am not ok, please get me some help.” Shemar then immediately ran to school and asked the adults to call 911 for the person he met.

Shamar, we want to thank you for your quick thinking and your concern for others. Congratulations on doing the right thing.

Shamar loves football, movies and video games. He gets good grades in school and is a caring young man.