The Cape Coral Police Department was recognized by Gov. Rick Scott for its efforts during the sixth annual “Fill the Boat Toy Drive.” In a Dec. 20 letter to Police Chief Jay Murphy, Scott wrote:

“Thank you for collecting donations for the sixth annual Fill the Boat Toy Drive.

“By linking your talents and resources and working with the United States Coast Guard, you have given much needed assistance to those you serve. I appreciate and thank you for your generosity of time and energy, your compassionate attitude, and your dedication to your community. The Fill the Boat toy drive and the work you do every day provides tremendous help to individuals and families in need. Thank you again for your service to your community.

“Best wishes for a safe and happy new year!”

The toy drive is a project that was started by Officer Matthew Squires. Squires is on military deployment and was not able to organize or participate in this year’s drive. His fellow officers recognized the importance of the program and stepped up to the plate to make sure that though Squires could not be here, the boat would still get filled.

“‘Fill the Boat’ is Matt Squire’s personal project. With Matt being deployed in service to his nation, the event could have easily been forgotten this year. That was not the case, nor was it ever a likelihood with our quality of folks,” Murphy said. “To those that stood up in Matt’s absence – thank you, as I cannot think of a better recognition of Matt’s service to his nation than us helping Cape Coral’s less fortunate children.”

Source: Cape Coral Daily Breeze