December 14, 2012

“FMPD Honors Officers at Award Ceremony”

On Friday, December 14, 2012 the Fort Myers Police Department honored several employees at a monthly award ceremony. FMPD strives every day to not only protect and serve the residents of the City of Fort Myers, but to make it a better place to live. “It is our policy to recognize employees of exemplary performance of their duties” said Chief Baker. “We appreciate their heroics and the hard work that these men and women put in each day.”

Lieutenant Randy Jelks, Sergeant Brian O’Reilly, Detective Joshua Steinman, Detective Jose Gomez, Officer Christopher Reiman, and Officer Nick Ursitti were honored for their effort to safely subdue a man wielding a machete in the lobby of police headquarters. The armed man entered the lobby, asked for an officer and took a seat. Officers Reiman and Ursitti entered the lobby on an unrelated matter. It was at this time, Officer Ursitti observed the suspect with a machete sitting across his lap. Officers Reiman and Ursitti immediately confronted the suspect ordering him to drop the machete but the suspect did not comply. Officer Reiman deployed his electronic control weapon but it was ineffective. Several more officers responded to help including Lieutenant Jelks, Sergeant O’Reilly, Detective Steinman and Detective Gomez. Lieutenant Jelks stepped out from behind the lobby door and deployed his electronic control device striking the suspect and forcing him to drop the machete. Sergeant O’Reilly moved into position and took the suspect to the ground, securing him in handcuffs with the assistance of Detective Gomez, Detective Steinman, and Officer Ursitti. The combined effort of everyone involved resulted in a safe apprehension. The training, skills, and the many years of varied experience resulted in a successful ending.

Officer Alejandro Urra was honored for his proactive policing that led to the arrest of two burglary suspects. Officer Urra was patrolling Ricardo Avenue when he spotted two men dressed in all black attempting to conceal themselves behind shrubbery. Officer Urra made contact with the suspects and both men provided different reasons as to why they were in the area. Further investigation revealed the suspects were in possession of hardware used to secure hurricane shutters and items that could be stolen property. Officer Urra also located burglary tools so he secured the suspects in the back of his patrol car and conducted a canvas of the area. His neighborhood canvas led to the discovery of a residential burglary and other evidence. Turns out both suspects have extensive criminal histories and both are still in custody without bond.

A Fort Myers Police Department undercover detective was also honored for his efforts in a recent drug operation. The detective was the lead investigator and initiated 14 of the 23 cases involved in the operation totaling 43-felony charges. As a result of his hard work the suspects qualify to serve minimum mandatory prison sentences. In addition, the detective was honored for his work on three nuisance abatement investigations. The three businesses received sanctions which will directly affect the illegal drug trade that was occurring on the stores’ properties.

Shelly Flynn
Public Information Officer