“PGPD Honors Five Students for Doing the Right Thing”

On Thursday, September 6, 2012 the Punta Gorda Police Department’s “Do the Right Thing” program will honor five children for their good deeds. Awards will be presented to the following students at a ceremony in the City of Punta Gorda Council Chambers at 3:00 p.m.:

Malcolm Murray- Williams, a 7th grade student at MurdockMiddle School. Malcolm is the son of Bridgette Murray.

Malcolm and a classmate observed a twenty dollar bill on the ground as they were exiting their classroom. Without saying a word, Malcolm picked up the money and never thought about putting it in his pocket. Instead he took it immediately to his teacher. The teacher was able to find the rightful owner and return the money.

Malcolm, we thank you for your honesty.

Malcolm is very active in the boys and girls club and the Talented and Gifted Program. He also enjoys soccer and football. Malcolm has assisted with fundraising dinners at the Boys and Girls Club and also ahs performed at the Harbor Center

Our next nominee for the month of September comes to us from Port Charlotte High School where he is just beginning his 9th grade year. Please welcome Ernsley Guerrier, the son of Samara and Ernsley Guerrier,

Ernsley, or as he is sometimes called, Junior, discovered an IPod Touch in the computer lab of his school. As soon as he picked it up, Junior noticed a fellow classmates photo as the screen saver. On the basis that the student with the photo as a screensaver was not in this particular class, Junior took the Ipod and contacted his friend at home. The ipod was then returned to the rightful owner. What Junior did not know was that the Ipod was reported stolen three weeks earlier from the school gym. Junior is a role model to all students and is looked upon by his peers as a leader.

Junior we recognize you for your honesty and integrity. Congratulations.

Junior is very interested in football and made the varsity squad in this his freshman year. He loves TV and movies and gets very good grades in school.

Our next young man comes to us from The Punta Gorda Middle School, where he is in 8th grade. His name is Billy Ritter. Billy is the son of Sandy and Bill Ritter.

This summer, a 14 year old boy badly burned himself while playing with gasoline and a lighter. It was a terrible accident. Billy was there and tried telling the boy to stop what he was doing, without success. The boy accidently caught himself on fire and knocked the gas can over which resulted in catching the garage on fire as well. Billy, in his quick thinking had the boy run to the kitchen sick and wet himself down with water. He then helped the boy pull of the burning shirt. After that, Billy returned to the garage with buckets of water and put out the fire. He then called for help.  Billy never panicked and remained calm until help arrived.

Billy we want to congratulate you on your quick thinking and for helping your friend. You certainly did Do the Right Thing. Congratulations.

Outside of school, Billy is on a traveling baseball team, he has been involved in Punta Gorda Little League, the Punta Gorda Police Department’s Jammers basketball team and basically loves all sports. He also maintains great grades in school.

Lets make one more stop at the Punta Gorda Middle Schoolthis month to meet our next winner. Please welcome Jennifer Lena, a sixth grade student at PGMS and the daughter of  Kerri and Jeff Lena,

The person nominating Jennifer had this to say: “I am nominating Jennifer for her dedication to the 2012 Relay for Life program.  Jennifer took our conversation to heart and wove it into her family as well. On her own time, Jennifer raised money for  Relay for Life. She held bake sales and had a lemonade stand at the neighborhood garage sale. At the Relay for Life event, she surpassed all of our expectations; she walked over twenty miles. She even refused to go to sleep as she was walking of her late grandfather. The Sallie Jones Elementary School relay for Life team was very proud of her dedication to the team and the cause.”

When she is not volunteering for Relay for Life, Jenifer walks dogs, helps her neighbors and takes part in the school drama club. She received the Presidential award while in Sallie Jones. She enjoys singing, knitting and arts and crafts.

It now gives me pleasure in introducing you to our overall winner for the September 2012 Do The Right Thing award, Sebastian Babilonia. Sebastian is a third grader at EastElementary school and is the son of Terri Biggers  and Geraldo Babilonia.

Sebastian’s teacher writes, When our class was having share time, one of the students shared that Sebastian had given him a pair of shoes. The student explained that when they were on the playground, Sebastian noticed that the bottoms of his shoes were worn out. Sebastian came to school the next day with a pair of shoes for his friend. I later learned that Sebastian had discussed this matter with his parents and asked permission to give this child a pair of his shoes, which were in good condition,  which he could no longer wear. Sebastian’s parents quickly agreed. I find this action to be very thoughtful for a child of such a young age. He saw another person I need and stepped forward to help without any thought of receiving any type of recognition.  I only hope that his fellow classmates learned from this action of giving.”

Outside of school, Sebastian loves baseball, animals, swimming and reading. He serves at his church and maintains excellent school graders.

Congratulations Sebastian, our world needs more people with your philosophy on life.