“In Perspective” – YouTube

In 2011 the City of Fort Myers experienced an increase in violent crime. What often gets lost in the reporting of statistics is the perspective of those who live it. Violent crime and homicides tear at the moral fabric that interlinks our community. Violent crime damages families, friends and neighbors. It promotes or fuels the feeling of fear and cripples a community in that they no longer report crime or suspicious activity. Failure of holding those accountable allows violent offenders to live and walk among us at will. Two Dunbar mothers put their experiences in perspective in hopes of stopping the violence. This video will be used as an educational tool for the FMPD Dunbar Community Policing Officers.

Produced by: Shelly Flynn
Videographer: Marco Lopez-Ramirez
Special thanks to: Marilyn Pigford-Savage, Florine Powell and Chevela Jones