As reported by Wink News August 18, 2011,

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.- Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Cameron Thursday donated two 2005 model Ford Crown Vic cruisers to the Trenton Police Department in Gilchrist County.

On June 7, Police Chief Jim Ravenwas appointed Chief May 20 and made a request to the Florida Sheriff’s Association saying his small three man police department did not have a budget for replacement vehicles. The TPD Chief said his three 2003 model cruisers were all down for expensive repairs.

Chief Raven said, “We are looking for vehicles that can be used as marked patrol units and whatever you may have to donate to us would be greatly appreciated.”

The FSA then sent his plea to all Sheriff’s to see if they could help.

Sheriff Cameron responded and Logistics Division Captain Sherman Robinson said he had two cruisers that had reached the end of their cycle. The two units were cleaned up by Charlotte County Jail inmate trustees for the presentation. Chief Raven and Officer Joshua McFarland and Officer J.C. Thomasdrove from Trenton to the CCSO Administration building.

Sheriff Cameron presented the Chief with keys to the two Ford Crown Vic cruisers and said, “We are very happy to be able to help a fellow law enforcement agency when they are in need of assistance.”

TPD Chief Raven said, “I cannot believe this, it’s better than Christmas.”

He said he also had donations from Seminole, Medley, Destin and Manatee law enforcement agencies.

Those cars will be used for his small agency including his Reserve Officers.

Trenton is the county seat and has a three man police force covering about 1,800 residents.