Police Response to Active Shooter Instructor Certification Phase 1 and Enhanced


Innovative tactics and tried-and-true techniques are the hallmark of this course which is designed for individuals assigned the responsibility to teach police and SWAT personnel in immediate deployment/rapid intervention techniques as well as squad movement and tactics for response to larger-scale incidents. This is a train-the-trainer course. Topics to be covered include an historical overview of active shooter situations including school shootings, immediate deployment/rapid intervention tactics, barricade-hostage rescue concepts and instructional techniques, traveling, bounding overwatch, flanking, rescues and counter-ambush. Note: the Enhanced training is similar to, and compatible with, MAC-TAC and PACOPS. Simunition weapons will be used in field training exercises.
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Course Number 20162640
Course Date 10/24/2016
Deadline 9/23/2016
Fees Mem: $695 Non-Mem: $750
Location Naples, FL
Instructor Alwes, Don

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Marie M. Reese
Professional Standards Bureau
Naples Police Department
355 Riverside Circle
Naples, Florida 34102
239-213-4872 – ph
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