The Sarasota Police Department Presents:3482

Proactive Interdiction: Apprehending Drug Smugglers on the
streets & highways of America!

Date:  Friday, March 7, 2014
Time:  8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Location:  Sarasota Police Department, 2099 Adams Lane, Sarasota, Florida
Registration Fee:  No Fees

Course Topics include:

  •  The Current Narcotics Threat across the US
  • Narco-terrorism:  Drug-terror connection
  • Identifying Drug-smugglers
  • Identifying Foreign and Domestic Terrorists
  • Hidden Compartments and Drug Stashes
  • Proactive Interdiction Techniques
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Interdiction Stops
  • Legal Issues and Case Law
  • Officer Safety and Survival
  • And much more !

The most dynamic & knowledgeable instructor you will ever experience in an exciting & unique training course about Drug Interdiction!

Course Instructors:

Sheriff Mike Lewis is currently the Sheriff of Wicomico County, MD and a retired Sergeant from the Maryland State Police.  He was the architect of the Maryland State Police’s highly acclaimed Pro-Active Criminal Enforcement (PACE) Unit.  He is one of the Nation’s leading Criminal Interdiction Experts and a certified Master Instructor with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.   He pioneered the Drug Interdiction Program along MD’s notorious U.S. Rt. 13 corridor, coordinating many multi-jurisdictional investigations following the seizures of large amounts of illegal contraband.  During Mike’s twenty four years as a Law Enforcement Officer, he has made many nationally recognized seizures of Drugs, Guns, Money, and other Contraband.  Mike has trained tens of thousands of law enforcement officers throughout the US and Canada as well as other parts of the world to include; Australia, London, Germany, Russia & the West Indies.   Mike has been judicially recognized by the Federal & State courts as an EXPERT in the areas of Highway Interdiction, Hidden Compartments & Drug Valuation.
To Register for this course,  please email names to Sarasota Police Dept. Training Unit or call (941) 954-7044.

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